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Detailed interview with the organizer Tibor Markó in which he explains what can the competitors expect from this year's Baranya Cup. The program of the race is also available!

Several new and interesting features on the Int. M6 LOG Baranya Cup

Summer is here and we are getting close to August and the International M6 LOG Baranya Cup. We are asking the organizer, Tibor Markó, about the race with the 15 years history – that is held in the city of Komló, it’s internationality, the Mitropa Cup and its Hungarian relevance – Group ’M’+ Rally2 National Championship + Historic National Championship.
One more month till the International M6 LOG Baranya Cup.
Yes, between August 4-6 we will continue the one-and-a-half-decade tradition which works very well in Komló. Of course, for this it is necessary the host city’s devoted support, their love of sports. So, thank you Komló!
The competitors of Rally2 and Historic Championship will be there this year again?
During the history of the Baranya Cup, which dates back from 2003, we primarily served these two classes but there was also a year when the race was part of the national championship. Last year the history of the race stepped into a new stage because we joined the series of Mitropa Rally Cup and the Baranya Cup become international. Csaba Judas, competitor of the race, assisted in the negotiations  between the organizers of the series and the Baranya Cup and after the negotiations and one year preparation we could debut internationally. Of course, this in a way an appreciation of the history of the race but at the same time more tasks, more organization and more responsibility. But maybe that is the reason why Baranya Cup has arrived at this point, because our enthusiastic little team, regardless of which class or which participant the race has to serve, always aim for the maximum and we will have the same goal in the future: create a race that is enjoyable both for the competitors and the viewers. 
So, in the year of 2017 the competitors of which championship will be present on the Int. M6 LOG Baranya Cup?
The race this year will be still part of the national championships, Rally2 and Historic. What is more, we will be waiting for the participants with extra-long special stages. Nevertheless, the competitors of the National Rallye Championship, National Rally Challenge, Mitropa Rally Cup and foreigner participants outside of MRC can register to group M. According to our Supplementary Regulations, the participants of group M can enter to the race and win the race with class R5 and WRC cars.
We know what is Rallye2 and Historic National Championship but what about Mitropa Rally Cup?
The shortest description would be the small European Championship. At the same time, this is a race is a classic, this year’s race is the 35rd in the history of Mitropa Cup. It’s most important feature that the entry fees are much reasonable than the entry fees of other international championships or for example the entry fee of the European Championship. This year Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, German and Hungary will be participating with a race in the series, but the competitors of other European countries can as well register to the race The Baranya Cup will be the sixth station this year and  after that there will be another four locations where the drivers and co-drivers will be able to compete. By the way, the Mitropa Cup is not a very new event in Hungary.
Back in the days Budapest Rally was part of it. After a longer, approximately 15 years long pause, the series returned last year in Komló. Last years’ race received very good responds and we will do everything we can to make the participants satisfied this year as well.
Are there any extra requirements that need to be fulfilled in connection with the Mitropa Rally Cup?
Yes, but these are achievable. What is more, I would turn this around. It is not us who have to conform to Mitropa. In a way, the series is integrating into the already existing championships. For the competitors, it is very sympathetic because it makes the international series reachable
So, there would not be many changes in the race because of Mitropa?
Not really. Plus, the extra tasks that were taken up because of the internationality were integrated into the race in a way that is beneficial for the national series, beneficial for the Hungarian competitors, and it adds more to Rally2 and Historic. In other words, they will get more, they will get something nicer and better in the Int. M6 Baranya Cup.
In what way?
Primarily, in the overall distance of the special stages. In the Hungarian scale- compared to the rules and prescriptions- the overall distance will be very high. An average R2- Historic qualification includes 60-80 km super stages. Compared to this we offer 116-km super stages to Rally2 and group M in this years’ Baranya Cup, which is plus 45% compared to the maximum, prescribed in the rules. We are waiting for the competitors of Historic National Championship with 105-km long super stages which is 30% more than the prescribed amount. I really hope that this will be appealing for the competitors. Saturday will be the stronger day with 100-km special stages but Friday is also important, because the participants will have to perform – partly in the dark -  in a very illusive stage.
Can Baranya Cup be appealing for teams in the National Rallye Championship and National Rally Challenge?
By all means. Just like in the last years, in this year we will expect the participants of National Rallye Championship and National Rallye Challenge to group M. For them after the Veszprém Rallye and half way to the Budapest’s event we will offer a great test opportunity in a discounted price. In the case of group M, the icing on the cake is that the competitors of Mitropa Rally Cup will be interested in this group so the Hungarian and foreigner competitors will drive together in the same group. I can promise that it will not be an easy ride! But to make the race an interesting opportunity for National Rallye Championship and National Rallye Challenge competitors we will offer a complete package for them as well: there will be a test on Thursday and race on Friday-Saturday with 116-km special stages. Not to mention that those who are interested in this race can start with any tires, (any brand) -besides the tires allowed in the rules of the national championship - that comply with FIA regulations.
If I understand correctly the race only minimally differ from the National Rallye Championship and National Rallye Challenge races.
Basically, the only one difference is that here a group P car, like a WRC car, can also win in the absolute qualification and the participants can use any tires. And to have a clean race we will pay special attention to the technical checks during the race.
What will be the program?
It will start in the first weekend of August already in Thursday. The competition will start with a test – which also includes a Pirelli test – traditionally around Bakonya and we will also have an optional administrative check to help the competitors. In the end of the day we will organize a reception for the participants and teams of Mitropa Rally Cup.
The start is on Friday?
Yes! The regular schedule was changed a bit and because of the second, longer day in the competition we decided to have the race on Friday-Saturday. This way both Hungarian and foreigner competitors have the chance to participate in the closing Rally Party in Cub Caméleon and everyone will have the time to rest and go home on Sunday. So: Friday. The first part of the day will be about administrative checks and in the afternoon the competition will start. Interestingly, the competitors will already return to the center of Komló after a 5-km special stage and the traditional prologue will be held after that. This part of the race become a trade-mark during the past years and it is very important that we can bring the rally close to those viewers who in otherwise would not have the chance to see it. I like to see the thousands of people in the center city during the prologue. And even after that the crews will not park their cars because another 11-km super stage will be waiting for the participants of the Int. M6 Baranya Cup. The shorter super stage is the Vasas – Zobákpuszta – Hosszúhetény stage and the longer stage, that comes after the prologue is a brand-new experiment: Vasas – Zobákpuszta – Hosszúhetény and to make it excite we made another twist on it so the last stage will start in the dark.
And full throttle on Saturday?
Yes. We will organize six special stages in two locations on Saturday which will have the overall distance of 100 km. One of our stages is an old classic, which was not used in the National Championship for ages. This is the 14,5-km long Alsómocsolád – Kisvaszar – Mecsekpöpöske junction stage and the other will be the 18,3-km long Nyárásvölgy – Hetvenhely stage. Two strong very complex and long stages. Both stages have narrow forestry part and as well as broader public roads and there will also be differences in altitudes. Both stages are the classics of the Mecsek Hill. After the 6 special stages, we will welcome the crews in the finish in Komló and the event will be closed with an official Rally Party in Club Caméleon. On Sunday, everyone will have the time to rest and leave for home.
The longer overall distance will be beneficial also in the scoring?
Yes, the Int. M6 LOG Baranya Cup will have 1,5 multipliers for the Historic and the Rallye2 that is one reason why the crews should come in the first week of August. Another colorful feature of the race that the second stage on Friday will be after sundown and this gives another variability to the race in Komló. 
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