Int. Baranya Kupa 2019? Of Course!

The date of Baranya Kupa is approaching, soon the Supplementary Regulation will be published. What can be expected on this year’s race? what are the groups and locations?

We are asking the organizer Tibor Markó about the details.

We heard a few, sometimes contradictory news about the race. What is the reality behind this?
I can’t and don’t want to deal with gossips, it is more important to focus on our real tasks and we have a lot of those. In an event like this, which affect thousands of people, – contestants, team members, spectator, reporters, service providers etc. – it is unavoidable to run into some ambiguous news. It is especially true today, when the social media is full of self-appointed experts. If someone doesn’t want to go crazy on all the information coming from these platforms, they must make selections. People deal with this in their own way and we are all different from one and another. It is maybe a bit more difficult for us now, but our goal is still the same, we want to put together an enjoyable race for EVERYONE!
How far are you in the preparation process?
All the necessary documents of the race are handled in and observed by the competent committee of MNASZ. I hope we can publish the confirmed Supplementary Regulations within days.



Will there be more than one Supplementary Regulations published?
Yes, due to a change in the relating rule, the Rallye2, Historic and the former group M, now PRO+ will be separated, therefore, we make two Supplementary Regulations.
Let’s run through the groups, who do you expect to come to the race?
The domestic main characters this year again will be the contestants of Rallye2 and Historic national championships. They will be sharing one Supplementary Regulation with all the relevant details of the race. The international group, this year again, will be represented by the contestants of Mitropa Rally Cup (MRC). The contestants of MRC, additional foreigner contestants and the contestants of National Rallye Championship and National Rallye Challenge will be competing in group PRO+, instead of group M, basically in a separate race with a separate Supplementary Regulation. And finally, about former MARB, now Rallye3 contestants. They will compete in the group of Rallye2 with a separate qualification. 


Will there be GT Masters this year?
Yes, this year again we invite the ’GT Masters’, these are the cars with big engines and rear wheel drive. Here they don’t have to fight with Mitsubishis for category ranks, they won’t be lagging behind, they will be main actors. In exchange, I expect them to drive duly to their capabilities and enjoy the presence. No secret that this is mostly the field of BMWs, Porches, Nissans. in accordance with that GT contestants will have a separate qualification.

Have you published the locations and tracks?
2 weeks ago, in Székesfehérvár Rallye we have already given out flyers with maps, so we can consider them published. The schedule of the race: Wednesday: reconnaissance, Thursday: reconnaissance, test, optional administrative check, Friday: checks and prologue, Special Stage 1 and 2, Saturday: race from the morning to the night and Rallye Party. Sunday: reboot, lunch and travel to home. The basic locations haven’t changed, the services, Rallye headquarter and regrouping areas are in the usual locations in the city of Komló. About the tracks: prologue in the center city of Komló, the special stage of Friday is Vasas – Hosszúhetény (11,0km), our Saturday tracks are Magyarhertelend – Orfű – Abaliget (7,30km), Hetvehely – Golgota (11,00km), Remeterét – Árpádtető (9,00km). PRO+ will have overall 117,6 km, while Historic 106,60 km and Rallye2 86,60 km special stages. According to our original plans Rallye2 and Historic would have had the same distance again this year but in the end Rallye2 could not get the longer distance and multiplier. I hope I won’t be alone with my opinion that this race gives an opportunity for an enjoyable and colorful race for all contestants.

As organizer, what can you offer to fans?
This year our organizing committee will have a few new members and one of the most important tasks of our co-organizer is to help the serving of the fans. We will make more and better spectator points than usually both on Friday and Saturday for those fans who visit the race. I hope that we can do most of the things we have planned. This year’s program and locations favor the fans, the tracks will be easily approachable. The final maps will be published in our website soon which will help the viewers to situate themselves. There will be no entrance fee, the locations can be visited for free, but fans must obey the written and unwritten regulations. Most important is, the Autosport is still very dangerous, therefore, I expect from all spectators clear thinking and collaboration, so we can close the race without accidents.


The Marco Racing Team always do something extra for their races. Last year for example you had guest stars. Can we expect something special this year?
Our conditions have significantly changed due to the well-known reasons, but we try to make the best of what is still possible. To be the first in something, to be the first to accomplish something is very motivating. Last year we have managed to do that, and it was a great feeling to be pioneers. No one can take this away from us now, they can only copy it. This year the result might not be so loud but my enthusiasm haven’t changed when I tried to organize that two-three of our old champions come to the race so the old and new fans can meet them, and! as a result of a game some of this fans can be co-drivers next to these gentleman. This is how much I can say about this now, the details will come later. For the contestants - based on last year’s pattern - we will again prepare very extra regrouping areas, that are peculiarities of Baranya Kupa. We will have sort of VIP regroupings, where we feast all the competitors of the race. We will also prepare some amendments for them. One solution, taken from the European Championship and adapted to a Hungarian version, will help the orientation of the contestants during the recce and the race. The second solution will be the first step of a bigger project for the future, based on methods of the Word Championship. We will have free Wi-Fi access, extended to the service parks, now only for the contestants, and in the future with a much bigger volume for a high number of clients with useful, focused and supported contents developed by us. These are the plans for this year, and I am looking forward to the materialization of everything above and the reactions of fans and contestants.
So, the confirmed Supplementary Regulation will be published soon, and until that we can check out the Program from which the contestants can learn detailed information about the race. When will be the closing of the entries?
Closing of the entries will be on 12. July 2019 Friday. The contestants of Rallye2 and Historic can register on the usual web platform, while the contestants of PRO+ will have to register by email. And I want to assert here again, that within the framework of the rules, we are expecting the registration of the safety drivers to the following e-mail address marcoracingteamkft@gmail.com.


Programajánló PRO+      Programajánló R2+HIS

We shall not worry. There will be so much on Baranya Kupa again.....
The contestants of the race will be the domestic Rallye2 and Historic National Championship, and within PRO+ we have Mitropa, National Rallye Championship, and National Rallye Challenge. We will organize a test on Thursday, a center city prologue and a night special stage on Friday, and on Saturday the contestants and guests of Int Baranya Kupa 2019 can be seen in 3 more locations.

Official website?
As always: 


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