Int. Baranya Kupa 2018 for the A-HÍD Cup Enjoyment with extras

Int. Baranya Kupa 2018 for the A-HÍD Cup Enjoyment with extras

Both the supplementary regulation and the itinerary are telling: 120 km special stages, night stages, and international contestants. But there are even more interesting facts about this year’s race. We are asking Tibor Markó about the details and the viewer-luring extras.
This year’s race will be even more international.
Indeed, this year again, Baranya Kupa is part of the FIA CEZ series, therefore, the contestants of the Historic group can earn both national championship and CEZ points.
Let’s run through the groups, who are you expecting to the race?
Internationality primarily means the qualification in Mitropa Rally Cup and CEZ. As usually, Mitropa drivers, foreign contestants and the contestants of the national rally championship and national rally challenge can start in group ‘M’. In the Historic group, this year, next to the national championship qualification, comes the additional CEZ qualification, and it is also important that the race has a 1,5 multiplier in the national championship qualification. The Rallye2 also has a multiplier in the qualification and they can, this year again, accomplish a longer distance. MARB drivers can participate with individual start permission in the Rallye2 race.

The 2012 Baranya Kupa was memorable not only because of the great groups and battles but because of the extras, especially for the viewers. This year again you are preparing some of these….…
Our goal is still the same, we want that the contestants competing in the race to get what they are registering for the race, and what they are expecting from it, and we want to make, if possible, their competition more comfortable with some further intentness. The popularity of the rally is still the same, but we have to fight against the possibilities, offered by the constantly presenting electronical media, which is not bad, but it encourages a lot of people to follow the events behind a monitor, away from the race track. In this years race we want to prove that this is wrong, and the experience is not the same as when you stand on the side of the race track and listening to the sound of the race car approaching from the mountains, and watching it turn, to feel its wind and warmth and the peculiar smell and after the car left the turn listening to the other viewers appreciative murmur. This cannot be given back by the web or steam. That is why we prepared extras this year and with these we want to encourage the viewers to come to the location of the race to support the teams here.

Int.Baranya Kupa 2018 - official teaser - 2018.07.04

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Let’s specify this! What are these extras?
The program of the race is viewer friendly because on Friday we have a city center prologue and a special stage so with an adequate timing the concerned viewers can see both. On Saturday the groups can be seen in two places 3-3 times which is also a help to the viewers. On the top of that, next to the great groups, we have awakened the ‘GT Masters’, ‘ZweiTakt Memory’ and ‘All Stars’ supplementary programs. Our goal with these programs is to make the race even nicer and memorable for everyone, especially for the viewers.
Let’s go one by one. GT Masters.
Even thought, we are in the middle of the summer which for a lot of people vacation time, this year for the first time, we are trying to put more emphasize on the big engine, rear-drive cars, the GT cars, that is why we advertised this opportunity for them. Here they don’t have to compete with the Mitsubishis for the category places, here they are not secondary contestants but main actors. For exchange I expect them to drive in accordance with their aptitude and enjoy their presence on the race. No matter how successful this year’s try-out will be, we want to make a tradition for the GT drivers. It is no secret that this field and possibility is primarily for the BMWs, Porsches, and Nissans.

Zweitakt Memory?
As one of the countries of the one-time eastern bloc, firstly, eastern cars appeared in Hungary with approachable race car basis. Because of this and for nostalgic reasons we are connected to the cars of this era. In the past, 30-40-50 years ago, 50-60 from these cars were chasing each other on the “tour races” or on Rallye2. The two-stroke engine cars are very rare today they are no longer present among the sprinters. Still from the memories of a worthwhile supporter the classic smell of the Castrol-oil operated Trabants, their vibrant loud noise and movements are indelible. We want to sneak back some from this spirit, from these vibes even if only for one race that is why we evoked the “2takt Memory” where the viewers can see the demonstration and introduction of the race Trabants, and I hope that they will be also welcomed with a good heart and applause.
And the earlier very successful All Star?
Yes, YouTube is still overflow with that if someone browses for the 2012 Barany Kupa. We want to have this year again the previous All Start participation’s success and recognition by the viewers and, of course, we want the viewers to travel here to watch the race. I want to emphasize that there is no entrance fee the race can be viewed for free. The All Start, this year again, has one task: JUST FOR FUN! Only that and nothing else! We have approached to several well known teams and as result 5 cars and their crew can be expected on the race. All cars drift in the back, shouting and according to the prior agreements all teams will prepare with a very baaaad tire technique! For now, I can only say that we will have a BMW, 3 VFTS and one Fiat to be presented. But I guarantee that it will lit! I will talk about the details later.

What is the program of this year’s race?
We haven’t changed the usual order: on Thursday we will have a test and the optional administrative check, on Friday we will have the checks, at 16:00 starts the prologue, then the Historic, Rally2 and 2takt Memory will accomplish the 11km Vasas-Zobák-Hosszúhetény stage 1-1, while group M and All Stars accomplish the same stage 2 times. On Saturday race from morning to the night! On the Alsómocsolád – Kisvaszar – Mecsekpölöske junction, and on the Nyárásvölgy – Hetvehely stages all groups can be seen 3-3 times. Saturday night a ceremonial finish will be held on the Township Square then we will have the official rally party in Club Caméleon, Pécs.
Can we talk about the overall distance?
Of course! By the way, all info can be found on the website! The bottom line is, the overall distance is more than the prescribed maximum. For the Historic and Rallye2 for 110km super stages are waiting for on the race, while for group ‘M’, 121 km. That is why both Historic and Rally2 get multipliers.
Are there any changes in the race cars compared to the previous years?
The lineup, this year again, is very colorful! The leader groups of Rallye2 and Historic are already well known and they will be present with the usual vehicles. Based on the prior forecasts group ‘M’ will have R5 top cars, WRC or WRC level “A” cars and cars equipped with S2000 equipped engine. The lineup, for sure will be interesting and colorful.

When is the closing date for entries?
Officially on 24th July 2018 (Tuesday) midnight, but the online registration will be open for a few more days and if someone has difficulties registering there they should write and e-mail to the following e-mail address: és segítünk.
Official website?
As always:
2018. július 26. hírek